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praiseyou.gif Praise You - 1991
Side One:
Marshall's Song (mp3)
Difference (mp3)
Hear My Prayer (mp3)
Lord You Know (mp3)
He's Made Me Happy (mp3)
Side Two:
Praise You (mp3)
I'm Ashamed (mp3)
Time (mp3)
Prelude (mp3)
Crucify (mp3)
Amy & Kyle Gott, Paul & Lydia Weathersby
touchaheartofstone.gif Touch a Heart of Stone - 1992
Side One:
Jesus Healed My Soul (lyrics) (mp3)
My Child (lyrics) (mp3)
I Can See Christ (lyrics) (mp3)
What's Inside (lyrics) (mp3)
I Need My God (lyrics) (mp3)
Live in Me (lyrics) (mp3)
Side Two:
Born Again (lyrics) (mp3)
Always Friends (lyrics) (mp3)
New Creation (lyrics) (mp3)
God is the Light (lyrics) (mp3)
The Picture (lyrics) (mp3)
Lydia Gott, Amy Gott, Kyle Gott and Josh Harrison
everythingineed.gif Everything I Need - 1993
Set Free (lyrics) (mp3)
Slow Me Down (lyrics) (mp3)
I Dedicate My Life (lyrics) (mp3)
All that Really Matters (lyrics) (mp3)
Sleeping Child (lyrics) (mp3)
Everything I Need (lyrics) (mp3)
Choose Joy (lyrics) (mp3)
Blinded by the Past (lyrics) (mp3)
There Will Be a Way (lyrics) (mp3)
My Destiny (lyrics) (mp3)
Lydia Gott, Kyle Gott, Amy Gott Carper, Chris Carper and Josh Harrison
yesterdaytodayandforever.gif Yesterday, Today & Forever - 1994
Doxology (mp3)
Victory in Jesus (mp3)
It is Well With My Soul (mp3)
Glorify Thy Name (mp3)
I'll Fly Away (mp3)
Amazing Grace (mp3)
Unity (mp3)
My Jesus, I Love Thee (mp3)
Holy, Holy, Holy (mp3)
My God and I (mp3)
Gloryland Way (mp3)
The Lord Bless You and Keep You (mp3)
Johnny & Kim Scott, Chris & Amy Carper
gotellthepeople.gif Go Tell The People - 1995
Here We Are (lyrics) (mp3)
Love of God (lyrics) (mp3)
My Comfort (lyrics) (mp3)
Speak to Me (lyrics) (mp3)
Stone's Throw Away (lyrics) (mp3)
When I Need You (lyrics) (mp3)
For You (lyrics) (mp3)
Simple Faith (lyrics) (mp3)
Save Me Oh God (lyrics) (mp3)
Be With Me (lyrics) (mp3)
Go Tell the People (lyrics) (mp3)
I'll Follow You (lyrics) (mp3)
Chris & Amy Carper, Johnny & Kim Scott
christmaspresence.gif Christmas Presence - 1995
Side One:
Sing We Now of Christmas/Come, O Come Emmanuel (mp3)
Christmas Time (lyrics) (mp3)
Ave Maria (lyrics) (mp3)
Christmas Presence (lyrics) (mp3)
O Holy Night (mp3)
Side Two:
California Holiday (lyrics) (mp3)
One Small Child (mp3)
The Christmas Song (mp3)
Joy to the World (mp3)
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (mp3)
Chris & Amy Carper, Johnny & Kim Scott
weenterin.gif We Enter In - 1996
Mighty, Mighty Savior (mp3)
We Enter In (mp3)
Glory to the Lamb (mp3)
I Belong to a Mighty God (mp3)
Think About His Love (mp3)
Cry of My Heart (mp3)
Casual Christian/Dare to Live the Difference (mp3)
He Who Began the Good Work (mp3)
Come Just as You Are (mp3)
Family Prayer (As For Me and My House) (mp3)
There is Joy in the Lord (mp3)
Chris & Amy Carper, Johnny, Kim & Jacob Scott
weneedlove.gif We Need Love - 1999
Difference (lyrics) (mp3)
New Creation (lyrics) (mp3)
God Will Make a Way/There Will Be a Way (lyrics) (mp3)
Hear My Prayer (Psalms 4) (lyrics) (mp3)
Oh My God (lyrics) (mp3)
We Need Love (lyrics) (mp3)
There is a River (lyrics) (mp3)
Jesus Healed My Soul (lyrics) (mp3)
Praise You (lyrics) (mp3)
God is the Light (lyrics) (mp3)
Chris & Amy Carper, Johnny, Kim & Jacob Scott